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Agency for Sustainable Development Initiatives

Agency for Sustainable Development Initiatives is not-for-profit, secular, registered, social and charitable Society under the Certificate of Registration of Societies Act 12 of 1983 under the Government of Meghalaya, Shillong, with a mission to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable sections of society, particularly those residing in remote rural areas.

Its motto is: For Charitable and Sustainable Development

Vision: "A Society of Love, Justice and Peace"

Mission:"Empowerment of the Powerless and Marginalized. Towards Wholeness of Human dignity"

The programmes of Agency for Sustainable Development Initiatives aim to form partnership with people, communities and resources as to create opportunities which empower, enhance dignity and lead to security of health, food, livelihood and shelter in a sustainable manner.

Geographical Condition

The area of operation is within the State of Meghalaya in particular and the entire North Eastern Region. The area is covered with hills and gorges in the remote part especially, with no proper road communication facilities. Its geographical boundaries are Assam in the North Eastern part of Bangladesh in the South Western part of the State. People living here are mostly farmers and cultivators. Literacy rate of the people in general is only between 55-60%.

The area of operation of this agency has very low economic condition. As stated ahead, most of the people live by working in the field, cultivating plants and vegetables. Farming of paddy is done in the Valleys working by hand only not with any up to date facilities of modern technology. Road communications are very poor, therefore it is very hard for the people to bring their products to the market. Even when products have been brought to the market the selling price is very low comparing to the financial investment and energy spent for the same. Besides, Jhuming type of cultivation is one of the main types of cultivation. The living condition of the people are very poor, they do not have proper sanitation and health care..

Aims And Objectives:

The objects for which the Agency for Sustainable Development Initiatives is established are:

To launch different programmes on rights-based issues and advocacy for the realization of the rights and privileges of the women, children, dalits, tribals and other vulnerable segment of the society.

To channelize human potential for social construction and regeneration. To promote holistic development among deprived rural and urban communities, orphans, person with disability, destitute children and youth, those in poor health, the aged and women and children in vulnerable situations through educational, rehabitation, vocational. Social, cultural, charitable, environmental, scientific, technological, economic, natural resource management programmes or otherwise activities for any age group, without distinction of caste, creed or race. To set up and run Children's Home, Orphanage, Old Age Home, and Shelter Home for the women in difficult circumstances, rehabilitation center for the trafficked and other vulnerable women.

To promote sustainable livelihoods and small scale industries units particularly through formation of Self Help Groups (S.H.Gs), micro-credit and co-operative programmes and for such a purpose to register with appropriate State and National level appropriate authorities (such as Reserve Bank of India, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, District Industrial Centers, Khadi Village Industries Commission etc.) for securing loans and grants and for establishing revolving funds.

To give loan assistance to the self-help groups on easy terms and conditions for different micro-economic enterprises for causing empowerment of the poor women and other vulnerable segment of the society.

To promote an inclusive, barrier-free, gender-sensitive and rights based society for persons with disability through prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation (educational, medical, vocational, therapeutic, economic, and social). Awareness, advocacy and self-help programmes and to form, or to take part in formation of and to become a member of organizations both national and international for the above purpose To strengthen and uphold spiritual and moral values in the society, including fighting against drugs and drugs illicit trafficking, alcoholism, women and child abuse. To construct, equip, maintain or alter any schools, clinics, vocational centers, training centers, houses, office, building or works necessary or convenient for the purpose and objects of the Society.

To acquire by purchase lease, grant, gift, legacy, bequest, exchange or otherwise at such rates, terms and conditions as the Governing Body of the Society may decide upon movable and immovable properties of all description and to hold all any part of the movable and immovable properties of all description for the purpose of achieving the objects of the Society.

To accept and receive, hold, administer and make use of any gift, bequest, donation, subscription, loan grant-in aid or foundation in cash or kind or any other form of property from Government or non-government organizations both national and international and from individuals, whether subject to trust or not, for any other purpose and object of the Society.

To network with grass root N.G.Os, Civic Societies and C.B.Os on different issue based programmes and initiate actions for the fruitful implementation of different government programmes including N.R.E.G.P., S.S.G.Y. etc.

To provide consultancy service to its affiliates on development and justice issues. In furtherance of its objects the Society may perform all acts as may seem expedient without thereby limiting the rights and powers of the Society to any extent or in any manner whatsoever.

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