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Annual Report: Celebrations

The following important days are celebrated by the school which is attended by the senior officers, ladies and civil dignitaries:-

  1. Annual Celebrations
    • Foundation Day. The School Foundation Day is celebrated every year on the 31st of August in which the students present a Cultural Program which is witnessed by the Patron, senior officers and families of the station. It is also attended by local civilian dignitaries like Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities, District Social Welfare Officer and staff as well as students of other special schools of the district.
    • Children's Day. The Children's Day is celebrated every year on 14th November in which the staff and students are invited by the Patron to the Flag Staff House, where the students also present a small Cultural Program.
    • World Disability Day. Asha School participates in the district level programs held at Shillong on the occasion of World Disability Day on 03rd December. In the year 2009, Asha School Shillong hosted the Sports Day at Manekshaw Stadium, 58 Gorkha Training Centre, on behalf of the Office of the District Social Welfare Officer which was attended by other special schools, including Jyoti Sroat School and Bethany School, of Shillong.
    • Festivals. All important festivals like Deepawali, Holi, Guru Nanak's Birthday, Saraswati Puja and Christmas are celebrated in the school.
    • Annual Sports Day. Sports Day is celebrated every year by the school.
    • Picnics. Picnic is organised every year by the school to places of tourist interest in and around Shillong, which is also attended by the parents of the students.
  2. Monthly Celebrations
    The birthdays of children are celebrated every month in the School which is attended by the Patron of the school, senior ladies of the station and other school functionaries. Depending on the availability the Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities and the District Social Welfare Officer are also invited for the same.
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