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Annual Report: Important Activities

Duration. The school shall be run exclusively for day scholars and no hostel facilities will be provided in the school. The school curriculum shall be based on the pattern of National Institutes for Disabled persons and shall be aimed at providing a capsule of five years duration which includes therapy, education, vocational training, sports, excursion, cultural activity for all types of special children. The students having specific disability like Mental Retardation (M.R.), Hearing Impaired (HI), Multiple Disability, Orthopaedically handicapped and other disabilities can be provided education or therapy for such disability for duration of seven years in addition to providing the five year capsule for all types of disabilities.

Transport. The children of entitled defence personnel shall be provided service transport facility as per the provisions contained in the Ministry of Defence, Government of India letter No 75729/Q/ST-11/2386/D(QS) dated 29 Jul 2005. The Transport Allowance for balance students who are provided the transport facility on payment may be claimed as per the provisions contained in Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme issued by Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Medical. The medical cover, restricted to first aid facilities, shall be provided to all the students by the Regimental Medical Officer of 58 Gorkha Training Centre at the Unit MI Room. However, further management or care for all the students of Asha School Shillong will be done under the arrangements of Military Hospital Shillong.

Mid Day Meal. The mid-day meal is required to be provided to the students of Asha School Shillong.

Parental Guidance. Regular counseling shall be provided to the parents to educate them on handling their child and also on ways and methods to cope up with the resultant stress.

Physiotherapy. The physically challenged children should be made to undergo physiotherapy under the watchful eyes of a trained physiotherapist.

Speech Therapy. The hearing and speech impaired children shall be provided speech therapy on a regular basis on the latest equipment.

The school should optimally utilize the facilities available in other Government or Non Government Institutions for the special children of Asha School by maintaining close liaison with such institutions.

Pet Association Therapy. One of the most entertaining and educative therapy which children are required to undergo regularly is the Pet Association Therapy which acquaints the children with friendly animals and birds and should include equine therapy, dog therapy, bird and rabbit therapy. This activity had been started from the year 2008-2009.

Integration Programme. The children from Asha School Shillong are required to be taken on outdoor visits to the neighbouring schools like Army School, Hill View School and Kendriya Vidyalaya. These visits should be conducted on weekly basis to integrate these children with their counterparts studying in the mainstream schools. This would help in building understanding between the students.

Medical and Dental Check Up. A monthly Dental and Medical check up is to be carried out every month in which the Graded Specialists, these are, Paediatrics, Eye, E.N.T. E.N.T. and Dental Surgeons from Military Hospital, Shillong must visit the school and carry out the medical examination. Any student requiring specialised care would be treated at Military Hospital, Shillong.

Yoga. Yoga shall be taught every week to the students of the School by Physically Training Instructor provided by the 58 Gorkha Training Centre, who are qualified in the Yoga Course. The Yoga classes would be conducted every Thursday and Friday separately for boys and girls.

Interaction between Asha Schools. An interaction between students and teacher of Asha School Narengi and Shillong is organized annually. The last such interaction was held on 13th Dec 2010 at Conf Hall of 1 Advance Base Workshop and Asha School Narengi.

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