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Training Focus

The training for each of the five groups is focused differently to achieve the desired results. The focus areas for each group are as mentioned below:-

  1. Play School and Pre School Groups. The training for children belonging to these two categories is focused on helping the students acquire simple self help skills, like dressing up, personal grooming, feeding, brushing their teeth etc.
  2. Pre Vocational Group. The children belonging to this group are trained on craft work like knitting, flower making, making of greeting cards and wrapping papers etc.
  3. Vocational Training. The vocational training is aimed at introducing the children to different vocations like Shawl Weaving, Paper Bag Making, Masala Grinding, Candle Making, embroidery etc to enable them in learning a vocation which can make them self - reliant. Under this training, the items prepared by the students are marketed in the retail outlets of the Family Welfare Organisation (FWO) of 58 Gorkha Training Centre, Headquarters 101 Area and other station units..
  4. Academics Group. The children of this group learn language, cognitive skills, academics and extra curricular activities in a more structured form like dance, art, craft etc.
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