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Governing Body

Serial Number Name Designation Telephone Number Remarks
1. Mrs. Reba Datta President 9436105986 L.C.R.C.
2. Mrs. Mamoni Dutta Treasurer 9436349079 L.C.R.C.
3. Dr M. Ampareen Lyngdoh Member 9436100281 M. L. A Shillong East Constituency
4. Mr. G. M. Bruce Member 9436103712 Rangbah Shnong Laitumkhrah Dorbar.
5. Mrs. Healthy Ryntathiang Member 9774967263 Teacher or Parent
6. Mrs. Pauline Marbaniang Member 9863060630 Parent
7. Mrs. Juliana Mary Wankhar Member 9774504682 Parent
8. Mrs. Mary Joan Rymbai Member 9863174784 Parent
9. Mr. Uttam Kumar Dey Member 0364- 2590689   Parent
10. Mr. Kosing Lyngdoh Member 9863090316   Parent
11. Mr. Sajjad M. Ali Secretary 9436103746 Parent
  1. The Term of the above Governing Body is valid up to the next Annual General Meeting to be held not later than the 30th of September 2014, at the latest. Members were duly elected by a majority of the votes present as per the Clause 59(a) of the Constitution.
  2. The Sponsoring Body, Ladies and Children's Recreation Centre (L.C.R.C) does not receive any financial assistance from the Government.
  3. The Members of the Governing Body do not receive any financial remuneration from Dwar Jingkyrmen for their services in such capacity.

Date: 20.04.2013
(Sajjad M. Ali)

Place: Shillong

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