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Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre

Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre is a charitable organization working for the Empowerment of person with hearing impairment through early intervention, education, rehabilitation and manpower development.

Early Intervention

  1. Audiometry
  2. New born Hearing Screening
  3.  Ear mould lab
  4.  Hearing Aid fitting
  5.  Auditory training
  6.  Speech Therapy
  7.  Parent counseling
  8.  Parent infant training-Family quarters for parents of young children


  1. Residential cum day school for the Speech and Hearing Impaired
  2. Pre-School
  3. Preparation for integration
  4. Integrated Education
  5. Inclusive education
  6. Special School ( nursery to class XII)
  7. Two year I.C.T. course
  8. Coaching classes for B.A. students
  9. Extra Curricular activities: dance, sports

Vocational Training

  1. Candle making
  2. Greeting Cards
  3. Rosary
  4. Dry Flower arrangement 
  5. Knitting and Embroidery
  6. Livestock
  7. Basics in agriculture and horticulture
  8. Bakery

Human Resource Programme

  • B.Ed - S.E.D.E.
  • FC - SEDE
  • C.R.E.
  • I.S.L. Orientation Programme (15 days)

Future plans

  • Setting up college and graduate courses for the deaf (preferably B.Sc agriculture/Horticulture).
  • Starting a respite home for the life care of severely disabled women of the region.
  • More Training courses for Special Educators, Rehabilitation therapists, Grass root level workers (B.Ed S.E.D.E., FC-S.E.D.E., B.F. technicians and educational audiology).
  • Setting up a therapy cum recreationalpark and providing facilities for the persons with disabilities and their families (barrier free for all types of disabilities).
  • More Community Based Rehabilitation (C.B.R.) or Out reach programmes in the other states of North East.
  • Awareness programmes for the government officials, teachers of the mainstream schools and the Public need of early detection, intervention for the prevention of deafness as well as for the successful education of the deaf children.
  • Working for the prevention or reduction of Deafness in the region.
  • Study and research in the field of disability in the region.

Ferrando Speech and Hearing centre established in 16th April 1996, reaches out to hearing impaired children from all over India, especially from the North East Region. The present batch of children comes from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland. There are also a few children from Kolkata and Bihar.

The Centre gives special care for the prevention and reduction of the effects of preventable hearing impairment in young children through early identification, intervention and pre-school education. Besides catering to the children, it also works towards the empowerment of the families of hearing impaired children to face the challenges in bringing up their hearing impaired children. Some of the works undertaken by the institution are Early Intervention, Education, Rehabilitation, Vocational Training and manpower development for the Hearing Impaired, Vision unit (refraction and distribution of corrective glasses), Orthotic, Prosthetic and Physio-therapy unit.

The centre runs a pre-school section, a school for hearing impaired children, and a hostel where school students from distant places stay. The project covers most of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills areas and some portions of the State towards Guwahati. The programme addresses early intervention, education and rehabilitation of speech and hearing impaired children of the Region. C.B.M. has provided the Hostel and Vocational Training Centre and expanded the infrastructure to include a Vision Centre and Orthopedic Workshop

Our Mission:

Every child, despite even severe disabilities, has real potential for development. Our mission is to discover this potential and provide opportunities for full development, preparing him or her for an independent life.

About The School:-

Our Beginnings: The school began in 1996 at Mawroh-Malai with 2 students.

Current residence: Shifted to Umniuh-Khwan 23rd February 2002

Present number of Beneficiaries. 1590

Partner (L.R.O.). Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians

Project Director: Sr. Merly Tom Kizhakayil

Area Covered: All the states of North East India

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