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Trainings Provided by the Meghalaya Parents Association For Disabled

  1. MEPAD Training institutes Plan 2004

    Objectives:- Its main objectives are:-
    To Institutionalized Quality Parents Movement;
    Target Group;
    Urban Parents;
    Rural Parents;
    Social Participation encouraged.

  2. Themes of MEPAD:-

    Help Organization to help individual
    Act issue base, note fact base
    Care giving to leadership building
    Movements and Reflections
    Reactive to Proactive
    Of being obliged to be spirited in performance
    Involve Society Government N.G.O. and other Institutions
    Formal quality to Substantive quality.

  3. Course Materials:-

    Module I - Parents counseling
    Module II - Disabilities
    Module III - Functionalities
    Module IV - Meetings and Administration
    Module V - Expansion & Consolidation
    Module VI - Event Management
    Module VII - Fund Management
    Module VIII Social Capital
    Module IX - Moral Capabilities
    Module X - Knowledge of Spirit
    Module XI - Teachers Training
    Module XII - Movement - History and analysis
    Module XIII - Drafting and Pleading
    Module XIV Disability and Law
    Module XV - Self Help Groups for Micro (Self) Financing
    Module XVI Media Advocacy

Module I Parents Counseling:-

  1. Orientation on developing the skill for counseling the parents to prepare their mind towards movement.
  2. Develop the skill to take note of children's progress
  3. Develop the skill to encourage parents to increase social interactions
  4. Focusing the importance of parents movement

Module II Disabilities:-

Orientation on various types of disabilities With their causes and effects

  1. The disabilities that are covered under the Acts
  2. The disabilities that are required to be covered under the Acts
  3. Institutions, N.G.Os Government Departments etc. working in the field of various type of disabilities in support
  4. Assess when to start a movement, how to collect the facts and figures to develop one issue
  5. Method to monitor with such Organizations or Depts.

Module III Functionalities:-

Provides brief details of all the modules under this series with certain extra features:-

  1. Bibliographies
  2. Legislations
  3. Latest developments in the fields of disabilities
  4. Some basic general knowledge
  5. Orientation with MEPAD Constitution & organizational matter

Module IV Meetings & Administration

Orientation on running the Organization of a parents body to cover various activities:-

  1. Affiliations
  2. Submission of Reports and Returns
  3. Preparation of accounts
  4. Funding of Projects and Schemes
  5. Meetings, Minutings, execution of policies
  6. Filling and Record keeping
  7. On line manual developing skill

Module V Expansion and Consolidation

Orientation to open new units and consolidate its activities.

*Develop various types of agreements suitable for the Units under:-

  • Non parental bodies
  • Parental bodies
  • Local bodies (Darbars or Panchayats)
  • Methods of monitoring such agreements
  • Methods of consolidating such units

*Develop various types of Memorandum of understanding with

  1. Different Organizations
  2. Methods to monitor such MOUs
  3. Methods to develop persuasion skill.
Module VI Event Management

Orientation to develop skills on organizing and managing various events

  1. Develop the skill of net working
  2. Develop the skill to organize various events ranging from workshop, seminars, public performances (rally, camps ,fate, etc)

*Collective campaign through media, community & other mode

*Liaisoning such activities

  • Tie-up with key agencies, key officials
  • Sequencing the activities
  • Fund Management
    • Orient to identify the sources of various fund availability and its procurement skill
    • Develop skill to formulate schemes
    • Utilization of proceeds and reporting
    • Method of persuasions
  • Teachers' Training
    • Orient the teachers about the methods to coordinate the modules where the course would be conducted in participatory manner and shall not exist the relationship where the teacher would be in one side shall be the giver and on the other side the students shall be the receiver. This training shall have two parts
    • PART I - To cover Module I to Module VII
    • PART II - To cover Module VIII to Module XIV
  • Moral Capabilities
    • Orient on the present condition of humanity in terms of two parallel process - the disintegration of the old fragmented world and the crystallization of a world civilization
    • Introduction
    • The extended family
    • Society and the community
    • Managing one's affairs and responsibilities with rectitude of conduct
    • Promoting rectitude of conduct
    • Creating environment of unity built on diversity
    • Unity of action
    • Exercising initiative in disciplined and creative way
    • Fostering initiative
  • Social Capital
    • Understand the role of Social Capital (SC) to enhance the welfare of Self Help Groups (SHG) from peer of pressure and rule of law. The Parents or Family members needs much from SC & Self Help Groups for their disabled in peril
    • Concept - Social bonding, trust and codes of conduct
    • Social institutions and norms - Historical roots, their Rationales and their injustices
    • Self-interest and Sense of fairness - Evolution of Interplay
    • Category of Individuals - Unfailingly altruistic (UA), Inveterately selfish (IS), Those with distorted view of fairness (DF), Conscientious ignoramus (CI) and Conscientious cognoscenti (CC)
    • Gresham's law of social capital
    • Policy for promoting Social Assets and reducing Social liabilities - the twin engines of human action
  • Social Capital
    Part two
    • Surest way of enlarging Social Assets & SOCIAL ASSETS Liabilities
    • Institutional checks on arbitrary power, good and easily enforceable laws and organizational transparency
    • Use human well-being as touchstone for judging fairness of ideals and systems
    • Wide exposure of people to alternative code of conduct and value systems
    • Open discussion on contemporary relevance of SCs on whether they foster congruence or conflict of interests of various groups
    • Experiments with alternative institutions and rules for harnessing the twin engines of human action.

Social Liabilities

  • Intellectual certitudes
  • Conformism
  • Discouraging candid comments on widely held beliefs

Knowledge Of Spirit

  • Inculcate the true spirit of the parents movement
  • Disability is not a punishment of any religion
  • Develop faith on all religion
  • Demonstrate on various faith to gather confidence and strength to be the leader

Movements - History & Analysis

  • Develop skill to mobilize the movements and programs within the frame work of law
  • Study the history of parents movements
  • Study the history of other kind of movements including Labor movements, human right movements, various other movements
  • Analysis the success and failure stories of such movements
  • How to optimize the effective use of judiciary, legislation and bureaucrats
  • The various methods of collective campaign

Drafting And Pleading

  • Orientation on judicial procedure for pleading and defending the cases
  • Demonstration on sample drafting as regards how to file Affidavit, petition, counter petition etc
  • Demonstration on how to plead the cases before Honorable court

Disability And Law

  • Orientation on effective way to deal with the judiciary system
  • Orientation on Acts
  • Filling the cases in the Court of Law
  • Legal way to monitor the legislation to implement the Law
  • Pursue the administrative orders on judgments

Self Help Groups For Micro Financing

  • In-group the parents with relative similarity of disability for micro financing schemes to enable them avail support through different financer realizing the banking activities for their family and movements
  • Built-up disability wise group of parents
  • Identify the banker providing the Self Help Group finance
  • Develop schemes or projects as per financers requirement
  • Get employed in-group for family support
  • Economies expenses required for the disabled

Self Help Group Issues

  • Scale - How A Large Number Can Be Reached
  • Sustainability- How To Ensure That Subsidies Get Restricted To Innovations, Capacitiy Building And Sectoral Infrastructure
  • Impact- How To Measure It And How To Enhance It
  • Capital Market- How To Attract More Mainstream Debt And Equity
  • Regulation and Transparency- What Can Be Done To Build A More Supportive Regulatory Environment
  • Media Advocacy
    • Increase visibility of issues concerning the persons with disability and use media/mass media optionally to ensure communication reaches target group
  • Basic tenet of Media
  • Advocacy 'By', 'to' & 'through' media
  • Communication strategy outline
  • Progress of behavioral outcome i.e. sensitization, awareness, knowledge, approval, intention, practice, advocacy, mobilization
  • Communication network
  • Type of media i.e. vertical, horizontal, direct, indirect
  • Tools of media i.e. press release, personal relation, mutual interdependence, transparent, etc.
  • Know your equipments
  • Broad cast stream & narrowed cast stream
  • Acts & Regulations
  • Formation of Disability Journalism for North East
  • Key Words
    • SMART = Specific Measurable Appropriate Realistic Timely achieve the target
    • TAATAA = Topicality Anticipation Aware Timeliness Alertness Accuracy
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