Logo of the Office of The State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Meghalaya.

Governing Body

Board members of the Society for the Welfare of the disabled
Serial Number Names Designation Email Address Contact number
1. Mr. Millford Thangkhiew President millford29[at]gmail[dot]com
2. Ms. Celine Lawai Secretary celinelawai[at]yahoo[dot]com 8132836812
3. Fr. Jose Chunkapura Treasurer frchunkapura[at]gmail[dot]com 9089573104
4. Ms. Sony Gill Member gill.sony[at]rediffmail[dot]com 9774008112
5. Ms. Suparna Barua Member or Head Mary Rice Centre for Special Education maryrice1989[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in 9774010630
6. Ms. Mary Pariat Member bpdomes[at]rediffmail[dot]com 9863097134
7. Sr. Marline Pinto Member marline.pinto[at]gmail[dot]com 9856840820
8. Ms. Pynhoi Tang Persons with Disabilities Representative pynhoi2009[at]yahoo[dot]in 9856048594
9. Mrs. Sushmita Hajong Parent Representative   8014991381
10 Br. Sunil Barato Member sunilbritto[at]gmail[dot]com  
11. Mrs. Collete Nongsiej Member   9856041480
12. Mr. Ferdinand Lyngdoh Member   9862256256
The following are the Managing members of Mary Rice Centre
Serial number Name Designation
1. Mrs. Noamie Roy Lyngdoh President
2. Ms. Adreena Kharshi-ing Headmistress or Secretary
3. Mrs. Audrey Massar Joint Secretary
4. Mr. Pherlang Marbaniang Parent Representative
5. Mrs. Susmita Hajong Parent Representative
6. Mrs. Mebapyntngen Fancon Teacher Representative
7. Ms. Mondakani Basu Donor Representative
8. Mr. Milford Thangkhiew Nominated Member
9. Sr. Merlin Pinto Nominated Member
10. Mrs. Avegail Sohkhlet Nominated Member
11. Ms. Wanriburom Rani Nominated Member
12. Br. Ryan Fernandes Nominated Member
The following are the Managing Committee of S.C.H.H.C.
Serial Number Name Designation
1. Mrs. Naomi R. Lyngdoh President
2. Mrs. Baridor Sohtun Secretary or Headmistress
3. Mrs. Cathreen Nongrum Joint Secretary
4. Fr. Jose Chunkapura    Nominated Member
5. Sr. Marline Pinto    Nominated Member
6. Bro. Augustine Jairaj    Nominated Member
7. Mrs Khasimon Phanbuh     Nominated Member
8. Ms Samtilin Kharbithai                            Teachers' Representative
9. Mrs L. Kim and  Mrs. T. Lyndem Parents' Representative
10. Mrs Mayborn Pyngrope Donors' Representative
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