Logo of the Office of The State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Meghalaya.

Community Based Rehabilitation Programme

In India almost 80% of its population is residing in rural and remote areas, where the services are yet to reach. This organization has started a programme to reach the unreached under Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for persons with different abilities in various villages. It also takes up the activities which focus on promotion of right and dignity of persons with different abilities. Community Based Rehabilitation Programme is working with the people with disabilities living in rural areas to gain control over their lives. We work in partnership with P.W.Ds and their families through processes which are enabling and empowering.

Our Vision is:

An inclusive society with equal rights, opportunities leading to improved quality of life and fully participate in a society that respects their rights and dignity.

We work with:

  • People With Different Abilities and their families, Community at large including schools, local clubs, village council members, etc.
  • Block, District and State level policy and decision making Government authorities (P.R.I. and Rural Development, I.C.D.S., Health, Education, Employment, Transport, access).
  • Networking with others N.G.Os on different development issues like women, child, health, and human rights to include the issues of disabilities.
  • C.B.R. Forum, Bangalore, Bethany Society, Shillong and others N.G.Os working with person with different abilities.

Where we work: We work with 200 P.W.Ds with different types of disabilities in 30 villages under Mairang Block in West Khasi Hills.

What we work: We work in 6 areas under C.B.R. Programme:

  • Need Assessment: Field Based Interventions: Individual Home Based Programme (I.H.P.) and Follow up for capacity building of persons or children with disability, their parents and family members.
  • Health: Helps P.W.Ds or C.W.Ds acquire, repair and maintain Aids and Appliances through Health Camp and also conduct awareness programme on health issues.
  • Education: Inclusive Education in Village schools and also for higher education and find out the different facilities that Person with Disabilities can avail through Education Department.
  • Social: Inclusive society in the village and also P.W.Ds can participate in all social activities.
  • Livelihood: Vocational Training and formation of Disable People Organization or Self Help Groups to support for Income Generation for adults.
  • Advocacy or Empowerment: Through Disabled People organization (D.P.O.), P.W.Ds can fight their rights and have equal opportunities in the society and empowered them to realize their potential rights.
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