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Report of Rev.Amirkha School

Activities of the Year

  1. 7th January, 2013: Laying foundation stone for the school at its permanent site at Mawlai Mawroh
  2. 13th May, 2013: Distribution of free exercise books and bags to the students by Rev.P.Dkhar, Moderator, Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Sepngi and also Secretary Bible Society of India, Shillong
  3. 5th June, 2013: World Environment observed through a group activity
  4. 1st-5th July, 2013: Mid Term Assess
  5. 23rd-25th September, 2013: A student (Kansy) along with a staff (Mrs.B.Lyngwi) participated in a programme on "Our Voice Assembly" for Children with Disability at Pine Brook, Ribhoi District
  6. 18th-19th October, 2013: 4 students (Kansy, Bame, Rapbor and Donbok) participated in a sport meet for person with Disabilities at Nongpoh where a staffs (Ms D. Diengdoh) accompanied ment and Examination
  7. 8th-17th July 2013Summer holidays
  8. 3rd August, 2013: "Shillong Run" a Fund Raising Programme was held at Polo
  9. 14th August, 2013: Independence Day Celebrated
  10. as a escort
  11. 15th November, 2013: Children's Day celebrated-visit to Lady Hydari Park, Shillong
  12. 8th-22nd November, 2013: Final Assessment and Examination
  13. 3rd December, 2013: World Day for the Disabled celebrated through a programme (I'm a Possibility) a talent show for Person with Disabilities at Soso Tham Auditorium Hall, Shillong
  14. 9th December, 2013: Declaration of results and last working day.

A Door Open

13 year old Iadeilang a girl with mental retardation had never previously been to school.Iadeilang was granted admission to Rev. Amirkha School for disabled in pre vocational training unit and joined school with effect from 16th April, 2012.Initially, (when she joined), Iadeilang had very poor social skills. She does not interact with peers and teachers (in school) even when initiated (pushes or hit peers and teachers when spoken or approached to) she needed to be helped and supervised even while eating (lunch). She needed physical prompt for washing hands, face and grooming. She was enabled to identify sight words cards of her own name, surname and numbers. She had no member concept. Few months after she joined, she (is now) independent in most self-help skills with very little supervision in few. She has shown marked improvement in her personal language and communication and emotional skills. Now, she interacts well with her parents, teacher and visitors. She also initiates conversation and maintain (conversation) up to 5-10 minutes, she has learn to enjoy light talks and become playful now. She is now able to complete simple household tasks (e.g. dusting, keeping things in their respective places etc) indepently. She is able to recognized sight word card of own names and surname, besides few other survival sight word cards. She is able to recognized numeral, give and object independent on request. She is aware of the use of money and cooperates while commuting on main road with assistant.
Iadeilang is a cheerful girl. She enjoys her vocational training class on card making, follows and tries to complete task as requested.

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