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Report of Community Based rehabilitation Programme (C.B.R.)

Staffing and Management

  1. 7 day need based field level training and Disabled People organization leaders training (by staff) at the project office by resource person from Bethany Society
  2. Weekly meeting review and planning by C.B.R. team
  3. Monthly review and planning meeting with the project applicant and Disabled People organization leaders
  4. Facilitation visit by the C.B.R. forum to support the project
  5. Half yearly meeting of Project Coordinators of 5 D.L.I. Partners for developing a common plan of action at the District level
  6. Half yearly review and planning of 5 D.L.I. Partners for developing common plan of action (Directors and Coordinators) at the District level
  7. Update information and consolidate tables or need assessment report of Persons with Disabilities and resources
  8. Consolidated of D.L.I. partners' activity facilitated by C.B.R.F., Bangalore in Shillong
  9. One C.B.R.W. completed 18 Days training in Bethany Society in November 2013
  10. Field Visit by the Funders from L.F.W. in December 2013


  1. Identified and enrolled enabled school going child for the age group of 0- 06 years to I.C.D.S. and 06-14 to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or other private school and 15-18 to Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (R.M.S.A.)or other private schools
  2. To visit schools regularly to ensure that Children with disabilities (C.W.Ds) are getting appropriate education
  3. Facilitating non-formal education for P.W.Ds
  4. Home Based Education Support to Children under home Based support for C.W.Ds who still required basic education like Pre reading writing by Using T.L.Ms
  5. To facilitate scholarships, book grant and uniform grant etc for school going C.W.Ds
  6. Visits home to ensure that C.W.Ds are going regular to schools and parents take interest in education of children
  7. Meet the schools authority to ensure schools are accessible for C.W.Ds
  8. Organize Child to Child programme in order to create fair environment between disabled and non-disabled children and also to the school authority where there is majority of C.W.Ds are enrolled-on children day
  9. C.B.R. team along with B.D.P.O. organizes parents training for C.W.Ds who are enrolled in general schools on Inclusion


  1. Generating awareness among the general community on promotion of health the causes and prevention of disability, health and hygiene, sanitation and safe drinking water, rickets and H.I.V. A.I.Ds
  2. Camp for Mental Illness and Epilepsy in collaboration with Sanker Rehabilitation Centre Shillong
  3. Monthly follow up for P.W.M.I.
  4. B.D.P.O. along with staff facilitate the person with M.I. for treatment
  5. Attend the assessment camp organized by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan at Mairang
  6. Facilitating Home Based Intervention and intensive support in A.D.Ls and inclusion in House hold work
  7. Facilitating a process in the D.P.Os to enable them to avail disability certificate, Identity cards, Smart cards, aids and appliances as per need
  8. To facilitate corrective surgeries for children with disability and 1 C.W.D.S. complete for corrective surgeries both legs
  9. Conduct Parents Training Programmed on Management for home based intervention for C.W.Ds
  10. Refer C.W.Ds for medical checkup


  1. Revolving fund to active V.D.P.O. groups to start I.G.A.
  2. Follow up Revolving Funds given to D.P.Os for their economic development
  3. Link P.W.Ds with other Training Agency for various vocational Training
  4. Facilitating Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities for their I.G.A. or employment
  5. Encourage P.W.Ds to work under M.G.N.R.E.G.S. and other poverty alleviation programme
  6. Linkages D.P.Os with S.G.S.Y. or N.R.L.M. for their financial support
  7. Explore the possibility of accessing of accessing financial assistance from Banks through groups of P.W.Ds
  8. Facilitate V.D.P.O. group to avail loan and training for starting I.G.A. from C.B.M.


  1. Parents are encouraged to include C.W.Ds or P.W.Ds in family discussion and socio-cultural events
  2. C.W.Ds and severely P.W.Ds suggestions or opinions during the meeting have to be accepted
  3. D.P.Os groups are encouraged to support each other's during the time of family crises


  1. Formation of Block level Disabled People Organization (Exclusive of P.W.Ds) and facilitating monthly meeting and training.
  2. Formation of District level Disabled People Organization (Exclusive of P.W.Ds) and facilitating monthly meeting and training to discuss the issues of the village level taken up by the respective village level D.P.Os and address the same issues by the B.D.P.O. at the Block level. And also discuss the day to day issues
  3. Provide basic education to adult P.W.Ds and parents of C.W.Ds or P.W.Ds during the group visit i.e. at the time of having monthly village level meeting
  4. District level and D.A.P. Training and Submission of memorandum to the D.C. regarding disability issues organized by D.D.P.O. Leader and D.L.I. partners
  5. Celebration of World Disability Day
  6. Visit to Government offices B.D.P.O. or D.D.P.O. leaders along with staff for their issues and other information
  7. Mainstreaming and inclusion of P.W.Ds in existing programmes of the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian - Vocational Training unit or schools or colleges.
  8. Awareness programme on Disability Law.
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