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List of District UDID In-Charge and Data Entry Operators in 11 districts

Sl. No. District District VOID In-Charge District Data Entry Operator
1 West Garo Hills Smti. Sujata Das Roy
UDID In-Charge,
District Disability Rehabilitation Centre,
West Garo Hills, Tura
Contact: +91-7005030448/+91-9436114610
Email: sjtdasroy@gmail.com, ddrctch@gmail.com
1. Shri Tengrang Ch Marak
Data Entry Operator, West Garo Hills
Contact: +91-8257969955
Email: tengrangchmk@gmail.com

2. Smti Jerry B Chingre Sangma
Data Entry Operator, South West Garo Hills
Contact: +91-9774165306
Email: jerrychingresangma@gmail.com
2 South West Garo Hills
3 South Garo Hills
4 East Jaintia Hills Shri. Wanda Mi-oo Bamon
UDID In-Charge,
District Resource Centre,
West Jaintia Hills, Jowai
Contact: +91-7085551257
1. Smti Nidalam Shylla
Data Entry Operator, West Jaintia Hills
Email: nidalamshylla505@gmail.com

2. Smti Bantei Biam
Data Entry Operator, East Jaintia Hills
Email: banteibiam993@gmail.com
5 West Jaintia Hills
6 East Garo Hills Dr. J K Marak
Medical Superintendent,
East Garo Hills,
Smti Chibani Sangma
Data Entry Operator,
Civil Hospital, East Garo Hills,
Contact +91-7005913760
Email: chibanisangma123@gmail.com
7 North Garo Hills
8 West Khasi Hills Shri, Richard James Wahlang
UDID In-Charge,
District Resource Centre,
West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin
Contact : +91 9612252163/+91 9615737859
Email: rjwahlang@gmail.com
1.Smti Beautiful Mawlieh
Data Entry Operator,
West Khasi Hills,
Contact +91-6033002455
Email: beautymawlieh13@gmail.com

2. Shri Lamkupar Thongni
Data Entry Operator,
South West Khasi Hills,
Contact +91-9366320580
Email: ljacinthongni@gmail.com
9 South West Khasi Hills
10 East Khasi Hills Shri. Regan Bareh
UDID In-Charge,
District Resource Centre,
East Khasi Hills, Shillong
Contact: +91-9436785039
Smti Joyfullness Ryntathiang
Data Entry Operator,
East Khasi Hills
Contact: +91-7005016826
Email: j2810rynth@gmail.com
11 Ri Bhoi Shri Shngainki Pyrbot
UDID In-Charge,
Civil Hospital, Nongpoh,
Ribhoi district
Contact : +91-7005156089
Email: shanks13pyr@gmail.com
Shri Sunny Constantine Lyngdoh
Data Entry Operator,
Contact: +91 -7005027729
Email: sunnycon.lyn@gmail.com


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