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Governing Body: 2014 - 2017

The Office Bearers of the Khasi Disabilities Association, Central Body who were elected for the 2014-2017 session.

Serial Number Full Name  Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Starwin Kharjana President S.S.L.C.
2 Mr.Shanlang Wahlang Vice-President H.S.S.L.C.
3 Miss. Ibadalin Kharbuli General Secretary M.A. (English)
4 Mr. Michael Thongni Assistant Genl. Secretary B.C.A.
5 Mr. Charles Marngar Finance Secretary B.Com
6 Mr. Shemphanglin Kharsyiemlieh Asisstant Finance Secretary H.S.S.L.C.
7 Mr. Kyntiewborlang Rynjah Organizing Secretary H.S.S.L.C.
8 Mr. Fullgen Pala Asisstant Organising Secretary H.S.S.L.C.
9 Mr. Tarningstar Lawriniang Education Secretary M.A. (Khasi)
10 Mr. P. Rishanlang Nongkhlaw AsisstantEducation Secretary M.A. (Eco)
11 Mr. Ialamskhem Kharbyngar Publicity Secretary B.Com
12 Mr. Decided Rynghang Asistant. Publicity Secretary B.A. (L.L.B.)
13 Mr. Elpidius Marngar Disciplinary Secretary H.S.S.L.C.
14 Miss. Ruphina Thubru Asisstant Disciplinary Secretary S.S.L.C.
15 Mr. Bankhrawbor Wankhar Employment Secretary B.A.
16 Miss. Susanda Khongrangjem Asistant Employment Secretary M.Sc
17 Miss. Kyntiewlang Mawrie Sign language Translator S.S.L.C.
18 Miss Ibakordor Sawian Executive Member B.Com
19 Miss Beauty Mary Jyrwa Executive Member M.S.W.
20 Mr. Bynraplang Khongtim Executive Member B.A.
21 Miss. Olida Lyngdoh Executive Member M.A. (Pol)
22 Mr.Nessywell Kharphuli Executive Member B.A.
23 Miss Sylvareen Nongspung Executive Member B.A.
24 Mr. Spar Maring Executive Member B.Com
25 Mr. Banteilang Nongkseh Executive Member B.A. (Special Education)
26 Mrs. Synshar Langstang Executive Member B.A.
27 Miss. Daknerlangika Suting Executive Member B.A.
28 Mr. Marwil Kympad Executive Member S.S.L.C.
29 Mr. Barister Pajuh Executive Member S.S.L.C.
30 Mr. Mesaiah L Iawlar Executive Member S.S.L.C.
31 Mrs. Drissilin Kharjana Executive Member B.A.
32 Mrs. Genevive Thabah Executive Member B.A.
33 Mr. Lamphrang Wanniang Executive Member B.A.
34 Miss. Yolinda Wanniang Executive Member S.S.L.C.

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