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Implementation of Chief Minister's Disabilities Pension Scheme by the Office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities.

The Scheme is known as the Chief Minister's Disability Pension Scheme, 2012 and is implemented through the office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Meghalaya, Shillong.

The main aim of the Scheme is to provide social security to Persons with Disabilities by giving them pension.

  1. The age of person with disabilities should be 18 years - 59 years residing in the state of Meghalaya.
  2. The applicant must have a Disability Certificate issued by Competent Authority.
  3. The rate of pension is 500 rupees per month per beneficiaries.
  4. The persons with disabilities receiving unemployment allowance from Social Welfare will not be eligible for the Chief Minister's Disability Pension Scheme
  5. Application forms will issued by the office of the District Social Welfare Officer or Child Development Project Officer of Social Welfare Department
  6. The applicant should give a correct and proper address. In case any change in the address it should be intimated to the District Social Welfare Office, Child Development Project Office concerned with intimation to the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities
  7. Applicant eligible for pension will be issued with a Pension Card which should be produced for each payment .
  8. Payment of pension will be through Post Office or Bank Account.
  9. Payment of pension will be on a quarterly basis and Child Development Project Officer, Integrated Child Development Services Project of the State will be the nodal officer of the Block level to implement this schemes.
  10. In case pension is sanctioned on the basis of wrong information given by the applicant in the application form, the amount given would be recovered as arrears.
  11. Pension shall cease to be payable on the death of pensioner and the beneficiary. If a beneficiary dies before receiving pension for a particular period, the dues for the period will be paid to the immediate relation of kin.
  12. The sanctioning authority shall have the right to stop payment of pension, if at any stage it is found that it was sanctioned on a mistaken ground or false information.

The Commissioner for Person with Disabilities, Meghalaya, Shillong is overall incharge in the implementation of Chief Minister's Disability Pension  Scheme, 2012 and in case there is any change or information in the implementation of the scheme it will be intimated accordingly from time to time.

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