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Success stories of NHFDC beneficiaries

Balapdianghun PyrngapSmti Balapdianghun Pyrngap, 25 years of age with 50% locomotor disability and a resident of Thangbuli, P.O Amlarem, West Jaintia Hills District had availed loan on NHFDC for Rs. 55,000/- (Rupees fifty five thousand) from Meghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd for opening a cloth shop for the second time. She has setup a tailoring shop and has been working for 7-8 years in this field. Her income annually is around 50-60 thousand.




Daiamonlang RyngkhlemSmti Daiamonlang Ryngkhlem, 27 years of age a resident with 50% locomotor disability and a resident of Moopyllait Syiar Khliehtyrshi, B.P.O. Khliehtyrshi, West Jaintia Hills District now owns a poultry farm with the help of loan amount of Rs 80,000/- (Rupees eighty thousand) for second consecutive times received from the NHFDC scheme and has worked for 6-7 years. She is able to upgrade her poultry farming from 20-30 thousand p.a.




Welton B WannShri Welton B Wann, 42 years of age resident of Dohmihsngi, P.O. Jowai, West Jaintia Hills District is a person with 40% locomotor disability with the help of loans received from the NHFDC scheme with an amount of Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees five lakhs only) he was able to own a Computerized Automobile Paint. He has been working in the field for 8-10 years. The Scheme has helped him to generate an annual income of around 70-80 thousand p.a.

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