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Annual Report 2008


Meeting were not very much effective. Information not readily available and people did not understand what to do and the way forward with the Association.

Expansion of membership

We carried out awareness programmes in schools, colleges, and villages. We worked in collaboration with various institutions such as, Civil Hospitals, Social Welfare, Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, N.G.Os etc. We involve and encourage all persons with disabilities to join the A.C.P. and work for their cause and know their rights. This has been a success as reports from Disable People Organisations shows an increase of registration of new members.

Office Bearers

Election of new office bearers 12th/09/2008

  1. President - Miss Battihun Mary Khongmawloh
  2. Vi-President - Miss Son Sona Chaudhuri
  3. General Secretary - Mr. H.H. Lyngdoh
  4. Assistant Secretary - Mr. Elkin
  5. Treasurer - Mr. Shwalet Tang
  6. Publicity - Miss Justina Rabon
  7. Advisers - Sir Gary Nengnong, Mr. Sahkhar, Miss BG Dkhar, Miss Haba Nillar.

President reelected for another tenure in office - Miss Battihun Mary Khongmawloh

General Secretary reelected for another tenure in office - Mr. H.H. Lyngdoh

  • Association of Challenged People War Jaintia at Amlarem Block (Padu) was formed on the 13th/December/2008, the office bearer are as followed:
  1. President - Marshiang Pohthmi (L.D.)
  2. Vice President - Kelvin Suting (VI)
  3. General Secretary/Publicity - Sonia Pohthmi
  4. Assistant Secretary - Roselin Sumer
  5. Adviser - Lamphrang Pohthmi
  6. Treasurer - Shailin Pohshna

Disability Certificates:

On the 14th/11/2008 Mr. H. H. Lyngdoh, Miss Battihun Mary, Miss Melip and Miss Ridahun Khryiem went to meet Dr A.K. Das at District Disability Rehabilitation Centre and he said out of 28, 000 persons with disability around 6000 of them have got disable certificate, he encourage us to gather the D.P.Os together if we have more than 50 P.W.Ds who don't have certificate then we can arrange for medical camp so that the doctors can come to a particular place and if there are below 30 of them we can arrange with the Doctors so that the P.W.Ds can come together in D.D.R.C. on the same day for certificate and the hospital will pay travel expenses and lunch.

  • Attended by
    On 27th October, 2008 Pynhoi and Melip and Miss Haba went to Nongstoin to visit the A.C.P. members. Just to check how the A.C.P. are workings. There were around 12 participants in the meeting.

An awareness programme on A.C.P., Persons With Disabilities Rights and A.C.P. formation was held at 8th Miles Thadmuthlong Jaintia Hills District in village in village club hall on the 24th November, 2008. The P.W.Ds in that area express their wish to form an association.

An awareness programme on A.C.P., Persons with Disabilities Rights and A.C.P. formation was held at Sahsniang village of Jaintia Hills District on the 10th of December 2008.

The programme was organized by P.W.Ds at Sahsniang itself who wanted to form an association. It was held at Sahsniang village Club.

Collaboration with:
Ministry of Health, Civil Hospital,

Over 250 members of A.C.P. from Meghalaya State have Medical Certificate as per government regulation so as to receive assistance from relevant institutions.

Ministry of Social Welfare:

Persons with Disabilities' must have a Medical certificate with a disability of 40% and above and qualify for the following:

  • Below 14 years of age to get educational and uniform grants
  • College students get support, scholarship fees
  • Parents of children under 14 get access to facilities to help the child in their Education
  • Teachers can act as guardians to the disabled child by facilitating on his or her behalf to get basic educational requirements
  • Adult Persons with Disabilities qualify for government assistance to start small project for their livelihood.
    • Families to qualify for low cost housing scheme
    • Old Age Pension scheme.
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