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Annual Report 2009


A.C.P. head office meeting started in March after a break of winter holiday; thereafter there has been a concerted effort from all office members.

Disable People Organisation (D.P.O.) meeting in district level not constant because people are far from each other ...

Public Service Officials:

D.P.Os meeting with Government official; Commissioner for person with Disability to strengthen the relationship between A.C.P., D.P.Os and Persons with Disabilities members.

We meet Officials from Agriculture and Fishery Department to find out how our member can start such project in their areas. Discussions are under way.

A.C.P's Memorandum of Association

We submitted Memorandum of the Association to our Honorable Chief Minister D.D. Lapang regarding our operation and wishes of P.W.Ds.


470 in 14 blocks from 7 districts.

Workshops and Awareness Programmes:

13th-14th February: 2009 "Welfare Scheme for the Disable" to improve the existing schemes or the P.W.Ds

Organized by "Ali Yavar Jung National Institute For The Hearing Handicapped.

21st-22nd May 2009: "Regional Meet on Hearing Handicap - Itanagar to find out the need of the person with Hearing Impaired.

Organized by "Ali Yavar Jung National Institute For The Hearing Handicapped.

22nd-26th June 2009: "Planning Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of NSAP" how beneficiary get access to various scheme and grants from the government.

Organized by "National Institute of Rural Development"

15th-16th July 2009: "Workshop cum Training Program on Managing Micro Finance, Module-I accessing Micro finance credit to start income generating project.

Organized by "North Eastern Development Finance Corporation LTD."

14th - 16th December 2009: "Human Right Issues" facilitating for training programme.

Organized by "Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute Shillong".

Advocacy Programme On Disability Issue at Secratariat Conference Hall.

District follow ups:

Meetings we held in Tura West Garo Hills,Williamnagar East Garo Hills District, Nongpoh Ri-Bhoi District, Nongstoin West Khasi Hills District, Mawkyrwat Bethany Society in West Khasi District, Welspring West Khasi (Planning and Management, strengthening the Disable People Organisations) to make a check list on A.C.P. activities through D.P.Os.

North East Network Partnership

Partners' Workshop on Organizational Development organized by Rural Resource and Training Centre Umran Premises to vulnerable people in Society on how they could access any assistance. The representatives of N.G.Os from different state of North East attended the workshop.

Creating awareness and Fund Raising

Creating awareness and raising fund through various activities. (2009, selling of flags in all districts on the occasion of all India flag day for the Blind-(14th September), Cafe in the Dark). Raised 2000 rupees].

Culture, H.I.V./AIDs the THE World Indigenous Day encouraging the indigenous people to preserve their culture and to take preventative measures for the deadly virus HIV/AIDs Organized by Young Horizon, North East.

A.C.P. Awareness and Advocacy Programme on Disability Issue at SCHHC Hall, attendance overwhelming. Organized by A.C.P. through LAC.


Carrying out accessibility audit by P.W.Ds to check Accessibility on Public transport, building, shopping complex, roads, entertainment places etc. (pictures are available)

Advocates and Rights

A.C.P. member was in Dimapur facilitator on advocacy in a "2 days" Workshop on Rights of Person with Disability.

Awareness on Persons with Disabilities Accessing Available Facilities

A.C.P. members were in Jowai Jaintia Hills-Tpep-Pale Hall, for an Assessment Camp on how Persons with Disabilities could access their right deserved benefits. Organized by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in collaboration with Social Welfare, D.D.R.C., Parent Association (Me.P.A.D.) and A.C.P. members who were invited by the Parents Association.

  • It was resolved that, A.C.P. members who do not have certificate to apply for it.

Meeting Social Welfare Officials

On the same day, after the programme we went to the Social welfare to find out the process of making disability identity card it was there that the assistance director of social welfare met us and she gave a form on how to fill up and apply ID card along with disable certificate.

It was also resolved that, D.P.Os should organized people;

30 or less P.W.Ds can be ferried to be District Hospital.

More than 50 P.W.Ds where Doctors can be called and visit and issue the Disable certificate.

Community Radio

At Don Bosco Youth Centre, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, 7930034, a 4 days Days Workshop on "Community Radio" was attended by the President.

 From this programme we can see the job opportunities for the people with disabilities and also for others and we can understand that anything can be broadcasted and the public in the rural areas can get information very easily about any programme we decide to launch.

Award Winning Prize

17th/March/2009 Republic Day, Award winning of the Executive Director Bethany Society. The belated party was facilitated by A.C.P. to honors and congratulate The Executive director, Mr Carmo Naronha,  for his Award Winning Prize.

JJ O'Dwyer Revolving Fund

09.04.2009 Meeting held regarding JJ O'Dwyer Revolving Fund, A.C.P. member attended the session on how the revolving works. 1 member from 3 District has benefited from this revolving fund. We would like to encourage P.W.Ds to form Self Help Groups to start projects through this revolving fund and commit them to repay the loan.

Braille materials for postage

We manage to draw the attention of the post Master that under the Indian Constitution, Braille materials and any postage for the blind are delivered free of charge if they are below 7 K.G.

Sensitization on Right to Information Act [R.T.I]

Sensitization of Right to Information on World Disability Day the session was held for the Persons with Disabilities to understanding what is Right to Information and how to access different information concerning Disability issues, with RTAI Act.

Management Team

The previous members continue with their routine in office. No elections were done.


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